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Chaos in Carson.

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As our great state falls deeper and deeper into debt with each passing day, the powers that be are busy positioning themselves. They assure us they are ready to hunker down and solve this dilemma that is only going to get worse the longer they sit in their offices wringing their hands and plotting yet another nefarious election year smear campaign. Well citizen, worry not! Your elected officials are working day and night, burning the proverbial midnight oil, Republicans and Democrats working tirelessly together for results, whatever the cost.

So what are their grand plans to save us all from the horrible fate of, say, California?


That’s right, not a damn thing. The Governor has proposed a workable, if not semi-absurd and drastic solution. Behind closed doors in chambers the Democratic leadership apparently saw as a step in the right direction. Yet once the cameras and lights were in the face of the same Democrats, *poof* no agreement. Now start the games.

Oh dear citizen, are we in for a ride. Every one of those aforementioned, hand-wringing politicians are positioning themselves NOT to be the one to make the hard decisions and solve this problem. Yes, they are burning the midnight oil doing everything in their power to ensure they are free of blame and responsibility. Pass the buck.

The Governor has to know that some aspects of his plan have walked into the realm of the absurd. Of course it is a plan that will solve the budget shortfall, and that is a start.

Now as for his opposition, their only solution is to raise taxes on everything. As we have all seen, this has worked quite brilliantly next door in California; that is if your intention is to cause a mass exodus of people and capital.

What ever happened to being a public servant, working for the interests of the people who elected you? From local government all the way up to Washington DC, all we seem to have is self-serving narcissists and power seekers who have no intention of doing anything but, well, get re-elected and rob the taxpayer blind in the process.

Most of these spineless jellyfish are more concerned about what the media and special interest groups will lambast them for than they are about what will happen if they continue to argue like children.

The bottom line is that these weasels need to come together and craft a plan, yesterday. Instead of positioning themselves for the talking point of the day, or the next witty partisan rebuttal, they should get to work like the rest of us. They created this mess when they spent a one billion dollar surplus in one seating. Now they have to fix it.

Remember who plays the games this special session, so we can remind them why they won’t have another chance to play them again next time around.


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February 18, 2010 at 5:44 am

Here is something that can solve our education problems in Nevada:

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Well, here is a great story on how to solve the problem of a failed educational system when Unions block any attempts to address it:

Her plan calls for teachers at a local high school to work 25 minutes longer per day, each lunch with students once in a while, and help with tutoring. The teachers’ union has refused to accept these apparently onerous demands.

The school superintendent has responded to the union’s stubbornness by firing every teacher and administrator at the school.

Well, how you like them apples!?!

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February 17, 2010 at 9:11 pm

Random thoughts.

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Wouldn’t it be nice if Steven Horsford actually had a plan to fix the overreach of Nevada State Government that didn’t involve stealing more money from the taxpayers to fund a bloated government? Don’t bet on it.

Our education system is an abject failure. One would hope that in this economic and political mess we currently find ourselves in, we could all step back and reevaluate what works and what does not work without resorting to the typical fall backs of emotional hysteria. Now if only the teachers unions would actually remember that the end goal of their efforts should be education.

Speaking of education, what would happen if the teachers editions of textbooks disappeared and the teachers were forced to impart knowledge from the children’s textbooks, sans answers? I suppose some would be quickly looking to find a new career.

I noticed Thomas Sowell has a facebook page, unfortunately he has not visited it since 2008. I wonder if he realizes he has near 10,000 fans eagerly awaiting new thoughts? And might I recommend his new book, Intellectuals and Society.

The rats are jumping off the ship; I will leave it at that.

If Governor Gibbons wants to make the needed changes to keep Nevada out of the red, he needs to realize that anything he says will be interpreted as some form of hate speech by the media and his “friends” across the aisle. Only then can he govern to his potential.

Watching cable news is akin to cleaning your ears with a sand blaster.

I wonder what the point of speed limits are, as nobody seems to mind them except when a Trooper is nearby. Maybe they are put in place simply as a revenue generator, but cynically claimed necessary in the name of safety.

Most people do not understand the foundation of our nation, its principles or its systems, even at a basic level, thus they are led astray far more easily than they should be. Mention to a person the idea of a Republic and one gets a blank stare; mention a Democracy and their face lights up as they vocally thank their lucky stars that we have a Democracy in America.

A wonder we even manage to hold elections without bloodshed.

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February 17, 2010 at 5:22 am

Ghosts on the comstock.

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I have been pleasantly surprised as of late to see the past finally being resurrected and repaired in Nevada after a long attempt to seemingly dispose of it. Nostalgia abounds! The Virginia and Truckee is again running to Mound House. Saint Marys in Virginia City has been restored to her former glory. Now if we can start rebuilding the state economy of years past, the job will be complete.

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February 17, 2010 at 4:53 am

Lies, damned lies and taxes

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Well, it has been a while since I have made any ruckus here, but something has been brewing in my head that I just cannot get my mind around.

The nation is broke, from the top down. The State of Nevada is no exception. The money is running low, from the government to the hard-working taxpayers who support that government. The Taxpayers are strapped. There is no more money to take from them, and trying to do so would make a bad situation worse. The logical conclusion would be to reduce spending and make more efficient use of the funds that are available.

Yet many people insist that Nevada needs to take more money from the people to balance its budget. Of course when asked ,”Why in gods good green earth would you want to give more money to any form of government”, the default response seems to be ,”We need to keep the basic services running.”

Running at what? Full boom economy status? Ladies and gentleman, we are NOT in a boom economy, judging from the unemployment numbers. What is amazing, is that for once our elected leaders seem to understand this and are preparing to lower their budgets.

Also of note, is the trend to fallaciously label those that seek to lower taxation and the size of government, as racist. Here is a good, if not nauseating example of this:

Olbemann: White hate is the reason for the season.

Well, thank you for that shocking, if not inaccurate and misdirected monologue Mr. Olbermann. If wanting a more efficient and fiscally conservative government puts me in line with millions of other “Hateful” Americans of all walks of life, I take that as a badge of honor. To suggest that only racists are for lower taxation because the majority of people at these anti-tax rallies are white steps into the realm of outright intellectual dishonesty. Nevermind that the majority of people in this nation are white, I can personally assure you that many non-whites are very supportive of this movement, as I actually have a few acquaintances that fall into this category. In fact most hispanic and black people I know and associate with are supportive of this “Ideology of Hate”… the audacity of some is appalling to say the least.

Back on the subject at hand.

What strange thoughts flow through the minds of some, where a governing body can spend their money better than they can, are strange to put is mildly. Governments now-a-days use tax dollars to funnel money to causes that are, frankly, in the realm of charity. I give to charity on my own volition, deciding for myself what causes are just for my money to go to, whether it be a Church, an animal group, or a guy down on his luck looking for a meal. To allow the government to dole out money for this sort of thing is absurd. The job of a government in *America* is to ensure that the roads are safe, law and order is maintained and justice is impartially given, and to ensure that business adheres to safe and sane practices and standards.

Where this notion of Government to suit all causes came from has missed me. Maybe those that support taxational theft every time our government spends beyond its income should open up their wallets  and pay my share for me. Rather than labeling those of us that demand efficiency with OUR money as ignorant racists, they can open up their wallets and take the lead. After all, like many ill-conceived notions hoisted in times of crisis, “It seems like such a good idea!”

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, they usually do.

Written by twainincarsoncity

February 16, 2010 at 8:46 pm