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Wouldn’t it be nice if Steven Horsford actually had a plan to fix the overreach of Nevada State Government that didn’t involve stealing more money from the taxpayers to fund a bloated government? Don’t bet on it.

Our education system is an abject failure. One would hope that in this economic and political mess we currently find ourselves in, we could all step back and reevaluate what works and what does not work without resorting to the typical fall backs of emotional hysteria. Now if only the teachers unions would actually remember that the end goal of their efforts should be education.

Speaking of education, what would happen if the teachers editions of textbooks disappeared and the teachers were forced to impart knowledge from the children’s textbooks, sans answers? I suppose some would be quickly looking to find a new career.

I noticed Thomas Sowell has a facebook page, unfortunately he has not visited it since 2008. I wonder if he realizes he has near 10,000 fans eagerly awaiting new thoughts? And might I recommend his new book, Intellectuals and Society.

The rats are jumping off the ship; I will leave it at that.

If Governor Gibbons wants to make the needed changes to keep Nevada out of the red, he needs to realize that anything he says will be interpreted as some form of hate speech by the media and his “friends” across the aisle. Only then can he govern to his potential.

Watching cable news is akin to cleaning your ears with a sand blaster.

I wonder what the point of speed limits are, as nobody seems to mind them except when a Trooper is nearby. Maybe they are put in place simply as a revenue generator, but cynically claimed necessary in the name of safety.

Most people do not understand the foundation of our nation, its principles or its systems, even at a basic level, thus they are led astray far more easily than they should be. Mention to a person the idea of a Republic and one gets a blank stare; mention a Democracy and their face lights up as they vocally thank their lucky stars that we have a Democracy in America.

A wonder we even manage to hold elections without bloodshed.


Written by twainincarsoncity

February 17, 2010 at 5:22 am