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Here I sit in Carson City, and here we go again.

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In the grand scope of things, the actions, or inaction, of one politician may, or may not, make any large impact.

Adam Smith had one thing right:

“People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public”.

Out state government is in critical condition. When was the last time something constructive was done without the tax payers being fleeced? The “Special Session” is now long past, and what a special event that was.

Recommendations were made and budgets were proposed. Hands were wrung and arms were twisted. In fact the day after the session was out, the streets of our state capitol were littered with twisted off body parts lacking owners, or at least people willing to claim those parts.

The end result? Not a damn thing.

After making hay about his brilliant budgetary plans and getting many of them out of the legislature, Ole’ Jim Gibbons vetoed the bulk of them. Jobs were still lost, budgets were slashed, and taxes were, well, adjusted; in the upward direction of course.

This is a move that would make the scoundrels in Washington DC proud.

Now we have the new “Health care” debacle. Right on cue, Ole’ Jim calls for a lawsuit, and our Attorney General, Catherine Cortez Masto fires back that the suit will cost us too much money. Maybe somebody should send her a note on what this will cost the state when the liability is handed off to the states, while DC continues to collect the taxes, and then hand back the funds; likely a few dollars light.

Maybe that same person should send Ole’ Jim another note, and let him know that sticking to your guns is a good thing; but the time to write letters to DC was last year when he was busy with, well issues of a personal nature.

So the conspiracy against the public continues. Maybe it is time for a modest proposal?


Written by twainincarsoncity

April 4, 2010 at 12:37 am