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Chaos in Carson.

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As our great state falls deeper and deeper into debt with each passing day, the powers that be are busy positioning themselves. They assure us they are ready to hunker down and solve this dilemma that is only going to get worse the longer they sit in their offices wringing their hands and plotting yet another nefarious election year smear campaign. Well citizen, worry not! Your elected officials are working day and night, burning the proverbial midnight oil, Republicans and Democrats working tirelessly together for results, whatever the cost.

So what are their grand plans to save us all from the horrible fate of, say, California?


That’s right, not a damn thing. The Governor has proposed a workable, if not semi-absurd and drastic solution. Behind closed doors in chambers the Democratic leadership apparently saw as a step in the right direction. Yet once the cameras and lights were in the face of the same Democrats, *poof* no agreement. Now start the games.

Oh dear citizen, are we in for a ride. Every one of those aforementioned, hand-wringing politicians are positioning themselves NOT to be the one to make the hard decisions and solve this problem. Yes, they are burning the midnight oil doing everything in their power to ensure they are free of blame and responsibility. Pass the buck.

The Governor has to know that some aspects of his plan have walked into the realm of the absurd. Of course it is a plan that will solve the budget shortfall, and that is a start.

Now as for his opposition, their only solution is to raise taxes on everything. As we have all seen, this has worked quite brilliantly next door in California; that is if your intention is to cause a mass exodus of people and capital.

What ever happened to being a public servant, working for the interests of the people who elected you? From local government all the way up to Washington DC, all we seem to have is self-serving narcissists and power seekers who have no intention of doing anything but, well, get re-elected and rob the taxpayer blind in the process.

Most of these spineless jellyfish are more concerned about what the media and special interest groups will lambast them for than they are about what will happen if they continue to argue like children.

The bottom line is that these weasels need to come together and craft a plan, yesterday. Instead of positioning themselves for the talking point of the day, or the next witty partisan rebuttal, they should get to work like the rest of us. They created this mess when they spent a one billion dollar surplus in one seating. Now they have to fix it.

Remember who plays the games this special session, so we can remind them why they won’t have another chance to play them again next time around.


Written by twainincarsoncity

February 18, 2010 at 5:44 am

Et tu logic?

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From time to time I am made brutally aware of the silliness of our species. We hem and haw and generally carry on like dogs left out in a snowstorm. 9 times out of 10, we seem to forgo the intelligence the good lord gave us, and substitute it for emotional hysterics.

This health care debacle has made this point quite saliently.

How do you create a problem that did not exist? It is quite simple actually. All one has to do is plant the thought in the heads of people, repeat it enough and voila! Crisis. You need not even inject facts and figures into the argument, as by the time most people are even aware of the issue, they have already jumped onto the hysteria bandwagon. Tell the big lie over and over. Over time the truth does surface, but by then the damage has been done.

And you can bet the farm that if a government entity was involved, one can wait decades before the new problems that were caused are even addressed.

The first problem is that the masses are so easily manipulated, which is why we find ourselves fighting a new war every few years. Impressive men with expensive suits make us promises about the utopia they will give us, if only we follow their plans. Of course a cursory glance at the plans make them seem great, in fact, magical. Dig deeper and most people become severely ill just trying to read the mess, let alone decipher whatever cryptic language is used to obscure the true intentions.

The phrase “Communism sounds good on paper” is a great example of this. A cursory glance sounds great, with everybody getting everything they need, wanting for nothing. Thus this misleading statement so oft repeated. Dig deeper and you begin to see it for the inhuman, twisted system it really is. I am starting to think that even the pro-communist intellectuals are either completely mad, or do not understand it for what it really is: the latest form of human self subjugation. It most definitely does not sound good on paper.

Only a silly creature would revert to a life worse than it currently enjoys.

Written by twainincarsoncity

January 30, 2010 at 4:16 am